Seacharter A/S commits to deliver “Vessels on demand” and to innovate the industry with new concepts and technology.
This makes us the ideal partner to assist on any chartering needs, with dedication and reliability.

SeaCharter is founded and based in the ports of the South Funen Archipelago.

The South Funen Archipelago has the ocean and shipping as a basic premise. Many other ports have the maritime life and shipping as part of their cultural heritage , but the archipelago 's geography is unique in Denmark , and means that there have been a number of synergies and trade across the archipelago , which can not be found elsewhere.

Today this history lies in the many people in the area who are attracted to the maritime atmosphere ; pleasure boaters , who live in the area or spend their vacations here . The young people who are educated at SIMAC , Skipper School or on one of the many shipyards .

The many who are active in maritime associations . All those for whom the maritime is a natural part of everyday life and working life , whether it is to take the ferry to work or audit accounts of the shippingcompanies .

The atmosphere hangs obviously on, because even though AP Moller - Maersk's container ships have long since grown out of the Svendborg harbor , the company still has its yearly meetings in the area , like a good portion of the staff officers and captains live here.

The maritime heritage have been strengthened through centuries of fierce competition between the five ports and their fleets. Shipyard Workers raised around between ports, the most lucrative employment, animal feed company and the slaughterhouses have pushed each other , and the sailors have sought to hire at one of the many ships in the area.